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tv   Channel 2 Morning News  CBS  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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they will surrender this morning, ending the wildlife refuge standoff there. now, two public figures from nevada are involved... while the f-b-i closes in. and dozens of residents in carson city were evacuated last night... after a truck crashed into an apartment and caused a serious gas leak. and in south lake tahoe, folks are weighing in on the highway 50 revitalization project... which plans to make downtown south lake, more pedestrian friendly... these stories top your news right now at 4:30 a-m. today is thursday, february 11, 20-16. good morning, i'm john potter. thanks for starting your day
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let's start with a quick look at the forecast with meteorologist angela schilling. it's a cool start this morning but more warm weather is in the forecast today. friday will be the warmest day of the week. thanks jeff there were developments in the standoff between the armed militia and federal authorities last night. after they were surrounded by the f-b-i yesterday... the last four remaining occupiers said they will turn themselves in today. andrew dymburt has the latest from burns oregon. this is as close to the refuge as we can get... behind me is an fbi checkpoint that was set up a
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says that all of this recent activity started on wednesday afternoon around 430 when one of the occupants decided to get on an atv heading towards this checkpoint, but then suddenly turned around at a high rate of speed... heading back into the refuge. as far as what we've seen, we noticed some white lights coming out of the refuge... which is really strange because usually it's pitch black around here. we also noticed an ambulance parked in the area for about 30 maybe 45 minutes before heading back into town. it did not go inside of the refuge. there's also been a live audio stream of the four holdouts talking with fbi negotiators. the holdouts have said continuously that they will not leave until all charges are dropped. i'm andrew dymburt, reporting in burns, oregon for cbs news. and late last night... nevada rancher cliven bundy was arrested on his way to the refuge. he was apprehended at the portland airport after his
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night. he faces the same charge as his son over the standoff. bundy was brought to the county jail last night. and a nevada lawmaker was also on her way to the refuge last night. on a phone call... nevada state assemblywoman michele fiore negotiated with the militants while on her way to the refuge to advocate for the group. the call was livestreamed online... and fiore can be heard repeatedly asking the protestors to end the standoff. she even offers to join them and escort them off the refuge herself. fiore: "okay listen to me the roads are blocked. they're not letting anyone in or out. the only way i'm going to get there is with an fbi escort, and i am willing to do that, but they have to be willing to.
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major gas leak that shut down one street and caused several evacuations in carson city last night. at around 10-15... a truck crashed into an apartment in the 600 block of hot springs road. when officers arrived on the scene, they found the driver had fled. some of the witnesses in the area said he immediately bailed out of the vehicle and took off running. that investigation is ongoing right now. sheriff furlong says a resident in the apartment the truck crashed into was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the crash also damaged gas lines... leaking gas into buildings. deputies and firefighters evacuated 15 to 20 people from six apartment buildings. southwest gas, also on scene. they cut off gas to the area to repair the damage. hot springs road between roop street and tiger road are closed. authorities ask that you stay away from there. we'll continue to follow that story as it develops. let's check in with
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for a first look at the weather. good morning, angela! temperatures this morning are in the mid to lower thirties. winds are light and we have a few high level clouds in place. today in the mountains as well, with weak inversions in place. which means warm air higher up. burn code is green. satellite shows
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last night, south lake tahoe officials answered questions about the highway 50 revitalization project. the construction is being considered to make the downtown area more pedestrian friendly. the tahoe transportation district is hoping to approve one of four development options...with the goal of creating a main street in south shore. carl hasty, district manager tahoe transportation district: "those five lanes that go through the core right now would actually be able to be narrowed up, bring the sidewalks out, make it a whole lot more pedestrian orientated." hasty also says a roundabout at this intersection is being considered for more mountain and lake access... but the re-route would displace residents in outdated homes on the california side. while the project would help improve pedestrian safety in the area... businesses say it could bring more visitors to south shore. project developers hope to have an environmental impact study this spring. a construction plan could be up for approval in late summer. turning to school watch... the washoe county school
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forming that new oversight committee for spending on school buildings and funding new schools to ease overcrowding. at a public meeting last week...some agreed with the tax hikes... but were uncomfortable entrusting that money to the school board. to address that, the district says the committee will be made of city and county leaders, building experts and people from the community it will be responsible for overseeing the budget and any funding for school buildings... and make recommendations on how to spend it. while the school board still makes the final decision on spending... it would be a public process to go against the committee's recommendations. coming up on channel 2 news this morning... "you're watching channel 2 news this morning with john potter, andi guevara and meteorologist jeff martinez's pinpoint 2
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welcome back. visiting the backroads of nevada has become a trend amongst travelers for an experience unlike any other, as the state pours money into the marketing of rural communities. ky sisson is live in the studio with more, ky. good morning everybody! the nevada department of tourism spends around one point for million dollars each year on promoting the small towns of rural nevada. through commercials, websites, billboards, and the like, this grant money goes towards promoting events such as this valentine's day weekend's "lock your love" and "lovers a loft ballon races" in lovelock. bethany- "they can come to nevada and do something special they cannot do anywhere else. you are not going to find this in any of our neighboring states." this valentine's day event and
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department of tourism says is important for the business community in these towns and something they look forward to every year. now, rural tourism grant money is not paid through the general state tax fund, but rather collected from room tax. and according to's working! bethany- "we saw a rise of 7.8 percent in rural counties and that's a big deal." that 7.8 percent equates to an additional one hundred and seventeen thousand people and a total of one point five million people visiting rural towns in the state the third quarter of last year. ky add libs storyteller an up and coming demographic of visitors john...internation an up and coming demographic of visitors john...internation al travelers. drysdale told me that "middle of no where" experience is what al travelers. drysdale told me that "middle of visitors john...internation al
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"middle of no where" experience is what many international travelers are looking for an can definitely get here considering nearly 80 percent of nevada is public land. covering the story, ky sisson channel 2 news. still to come on channel 2 news still to come on channel 2 news this morning... meteorologist jeff martinez will have your pinpoint 2 forecast after the break. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine.
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and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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welcome back. in campaign 2016... the republican presidential field has shrunk. carly fiorina and chris christie both are ending their white house runs. christie and fiorina finished sixth and seventh respectively,
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and last tuesday's primary in new hampshire brings the candidates one step closer to nevada. nevada is the first in the west caucus for the candidates. and it also presents the candidates with a completely different demographic. that test is expected to have the nation's eyes fixed on us. lokken:"nevada as a front-loaded caucus state...along with the early primary state has a 4 times greater influence on picking the nominee of each party than if we waited til april or may." and nevada's chance to make a statement isn't far away. the democrats caucus on saturday february 20-th and republicans on tuesday february 23-rd. and please stay channel 2 news and "cbs news" on air, online, facebook and twitter for
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20-16. "channel 2 news continues with meteorologist jeff martinez's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american meteorological society!" temperatures this morning are in the mid to lower thirties. winds are light and we have a few high level clouds in place. today looks very similar to what we saw yesterday. by lunchtime temperatures will be in the mid 50's and highs today will be in the mid 60's. it will be mild in the mountains as well, with quiet with high pressure in place through the weekend. granted a weak disturbance moves to our north friday night into saturday. this will just give us a few extra clouds and drop temperatures a few degrees. but not much. seven day keeps us dry through the first half of next week. by wednesday we have a
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thanks jeff. looking around the nation now... l awmakers are calling for an
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caribbean after itship sailed right into the path of that dangerous storm. the 200-thousand ton liner set sail for the bahamas last weekend but got caught in a major winter storm in the atlantic, then battered by 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds. the ship returned to its home port in new jersey last night following the nightmare trip. royal caribbean says they're reviewing their storm-avoidance policies to ensure it never happens again. the coast guard will inspect the ship, before royal caribbean sails the ship out on its next voyage this weekend. and u-s attorney general is suing the city of ferguson, missouri. lynch: "today the department of justice is filing a lawsuit in federal district court against the city of ferguson, missouri alleging a pattern of practice of law enforcement conduct that violates the first, the fourth and the fourteenth
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and federal civil rights laws. for months the department of justice negotiated a deal with ferguson - to reform its police force and municipal court system. but yesterday... the ferguson city council voted to change the terms of the deal.. prompting the filing. the city says they have not seen the lawsuit.. and that they plan to comment tomorrow. and the country's leading medical experts went before congress to press for nearly two billion dollars in emergency aid to help combat the zika virus. eighty percent of people who get zika don't show symptoms... but the virus has been linked to a birth defect which causes head abnormalities when pregnant women are infected. dr. tom frieden/director, cdc: "we're working around the clock to find out as much as we can as quickly as we can, to inform the public and to do everything we can do to reduce the risk to
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the c-d-c upgraded its emergency operations center to a level one status this week - freeing up hundreds more employees to combat the virus. there are now 67 cases in 19 states... the latest of which is a mild case -- reported in sacramento yesterday. coming up next on channel 2 news this morning... it's tax season but your social security number may have been compromised...due to another cyber attack on the i-r-s website...we have the
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welcome back. this morning in money watch... hackers used stolen personal data in a cyber attack on the i-r-s website. about 464 thousand social security numbers were used from outside the i-r-s to create fake logins. the thieves were trying to make pin numbers which could
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electronic tax returns. the i-r-s says it is notifying affected taxpayers by mail and no personal taxpayer data was compromised. subaru is recalling more than 82 thousand tribeca s-u-v's after reports the hood can fly open while driving. the recall involves tribecas from 2-thousand-6 to 20-14. subaru will notify owners and dealers to do the recall in two phases. the first phase will involve inspecting, cleaning and lubricating hood lock systems --and if that does not fix the hood latch problem --then the hood will be replaced with new parts. for the second phase they'll install a new hood safety and a new hood lock system . no injuries have been reported in connection to the recall. good news is in the air. travelers are shelling out less money on airline tickets these days. domestic airfares have dropped to a six-year low.
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more than six-percent in the third quarter of 20-15. the average price is now about 3- hundred-and-72-dollars. expansion of low-cost airlines and plunging jet fuel costs are big drivers of the change. in december, airlines paid 1- dollar-and-46-cents a gallon for jet fuel, compared to 2 dollars-and-32-cents per gallon the year before. problems are mounting for twitter. they lost two million users in the last three months of 20-15. that news caused twitter stock to drop 12-percent in after-hours trading. at the end of last year... twitter had around 305-million active users. by contrast... facebook has one-point-six billion. even instagram surpassed twitter in september with 400-million. twitter has been struggling to win over new users for some time...
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coming up on channel 2 news this morning... a nevada lawmaker is making headlines today in connection to the oregon standoff...we'll tell you what this lawmaker has
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they will surrender this morning, ending the wildlife refuge standoff there. now, two public figures from nevada are involved... while the f-b-i closes in. and dozens of residents in carson city were evacuated last night... after a truck crashed into an apartment and caused a serious gas leak. and rural communities in nevada are seeing an increase in tourism. ky sisson is live in the studio to tell us why... and how you can enjoy the state's more scenic opportunities. these
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at 5:00 a-m. today is thursday,
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